3 Things To Understand About Veneers

Quite often people avoid dental work because it's frightening or even because it's time-consuming. When that happens, small dental issues can become larger ones. To avoid that problem, dental patients can solve quite a few of their dental problems with a process called veneers. Before you get your own set, it helps to have an understanding about some of the key facts about how veneers work and what you can expect.

Veneers Can Correct Many Different Problems

Patients like veneers because they aren't as expensive as other cosmetic corrections, and they can fix a wide range of dental issues in one go. If your teeth are discolored, chipped, or broken, veneers provide a quick fix. The thin layers fit right over your existing teeth, so you don't have to worry about having any teeth extracted or drilled.

They can also help to close up spaces between teeth, which is particularly helpful if you have a larger gap or a gap in the front of your mouth. If your teeth are uneven or lined up incorrectly, veneers can fix that as well. Your dentist may recommend that you have veneers put in place to correct other issues unique to your dental situation.

Veneers Don't Require Complicated Care

You definitely need to keep going for regular dental check-ups after you get veneers, but you don't have to worry about complicated care at all. As long as you're brushing and flossing as you should, you shouldn't experience any difficulties. Your dentist may advise specific foods and drinks to avoid or to cut back on in order to avoid staining your new teeth, but in general you shouldn't need to make any drastic lifestyle changes.

Veneers Can Last Up to 10 Years

WebMD advises that your veneers can last up to a full decade if you take care of them properly. Unlike crowns or other dental procedures, you don't have to worry that your veneers are going to require tons of follow-up visits and appointments. Follow your dentist's advice concerning how you care for your new teeth, and they should last for quite some time. If you notice any problems, however, get into the dentist's office as soon as possible to correct the issue.

If you're ready to fix your smile, contact a dentist such as Tore D Steinberg DDS PC. The dentist can let you know if veneers are a good option for you and what you need to do in order to get the smile of your dreams.