Tips For Dealing With A Dislodged Wire On Your Braces That Is Poking You

While eating something chewy, a wire may have become dislodged from one of the brackets for your braces, and it is poking you in the gum or inside of your cheek. If so, use one of the tips below for dealing with this problem.

Push A Short Wire Back Into Place With A Pencil Eraser

If the wire that has broken free is short, you may be able to pop it back into the wire. For this, you will need a clean, unused pencil eraser. While you could use your fingertip, the wire may puncture your skin. The eraser also gives you better control of the wire, since the metal sticks to the rubber so you can direct where to place it.

To use the eraser, carefully position it right before the tip of the wire. Then, push the wire towards the hole from which the wire was dislodged. Once you line up the wire's tip, firmly and gently pop the wire back into the hole. 

Cut And Seal Longer Wires With Dental Wax

If the wire is long or has become unthreaded from more than one bracket, you may need to cut the excess off to prevent it from cutting your mouth, then seal the exposed tip to keep it from sticking into your gums and cheek. For this, you will need a small pair of wire cutters, a pencil eraser and a small can of dental wax that can be found in the toothpaste section of a pharmacy, supermarket, or department store.

To cut the wire, gently pull it away from the bracket to which it is still attached until there is no slack in it. Then, get as close as you can to the bracket with the wire cutters, and snip the bracket. Use the eraser to push the remaining, exposed tip as close to the bracket as possible.

Open the can of dental wax, and remove a small portion. Then, roll it between your thumb and forefinger until it creates a tiny ball. Firmly push it onto the wire's tip to seal the sharp edge. Check it periodically to make sure the tip is still covered with wax. If it falls off, replace it with a fresh ball. 

Using the above tips helps you temporarily deal with your dislodged wire and relieve the irritation caused by the metal poking your mouth tissue. However, you may want to make an appointment with your dentist or orthodontist so they can permanently reattach or replace the wire.

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