How And Why A Root Canal Saves A Tooth

When you have a tooth that has infected roots to it, you will not only likely have a toothache, but you also likely stand to lose the tooth if you do not act quickly. It is important to know that when an infection forms in the roots, the only way to save the tooth and fix the problem is by getting a root canal. Here are details about how and why a root canal solves this problem.

It cleans the roots

The purpose of a root canal is to clean out the roots of a tooth where the infection is located. These areas of a tooth become infected when bacteria enters through or around a tooth and into the roots. There is no way to fix this type of problem with a tooth without a root canal procedure. After removing and clearing out these roots, a dentist will fill them with a filling mixture that hardens. These roots can never become infected again.

It requires removal of tooth structure

To complete this process, it required removing part of the tooth structure. Without doing this, a dentist would have no way to access the roots of the tooth. Because a root canal requires removing part of the tooth's structure, the tooth will most likely not be able to stand on its own. Instead, it will need a crown placed over it.

The tooth is dead after this

A tooth that goes through the root canal process is considered a dead tooth afterwards, and this is primarily because the roots to the tooth supply the tooth with oxygen, and the roots also connect nerves to the teeth. All of these things are removed during the root canal process, though, and this makes the tooth dead. A dead tooth can exist for many years, but it will never experience problems that alive teeth experience, such as tooth sensitivity.

A crown covers the tooth

A crown is placed over a tooth like this to strengthen it and protect the work that was completed during the root canal. A crown will often be made of porcelain and will last for many years if taken care of properly. The crown will also give the tooth the strength it needs to function like a natural tooth.

If you have a bad toothache or have a tooth that is severely damaged by decay, you may be able to benefit from a root canal. To find out, talk to a local dentist like those found at Snodgrass King.