Complete Tooth Removal And Replacement: Options To Consider

For some, the idea of having all their teeth removed is more attractive than dealing with constant dental issues. Sadly, some people simply have teeth that always cause them problems. Over time, these issues can get painful, frustrating, and expensive to treat. For that reason, many patients opt to have all their teeth removed. When you make that request, your dentist can provide you with a few tooth replacement options. Here is what you need to know.

Dentures as a Tooth Replacement

One option to replace your teeth is dentures. Although your teeth are not really replaced with dentures because they are not a permanent fixture. Dentures are affordable and commonly used by those who no longer have their teeth. They are easy to take in and out of your mouth each day and relatively simple to care for.

However, there are some disadvantages with dentures. The main issue with dentures is that they are not affixed to the mouth and gums. Throughout the day, dentures can shift and move. This movement can make it difficult to chew and speak.

Dentures have to be taken out each night and thoroughly cleaned. They have to soak in special cleaner rather than brushed. If you brush dentures, you can cause scratches that can eventually cause premature wear and tear. The main issue with dentures is the risk of bone loss in the jaw. Once the teeth are removed, the jawbone begins to erode because there are no teeth there to keep it strong.

Dental Implants as a Tooth Replacement

A highly recommended option for teeth replacement is dental implants. Dental implants mimic natural teeth and prevent the wearing down of the jawbone. Implants are fused to the jawbone to help stimulate growth in the same way as natural teeth.

Dental implants allow you to eat and speak with virtually no issue. You never take out the implants and they can generally last forever with proper care.

The main downfall with dental implants is the cost. Implants are significantly more expensive than dentures. The implants are surgically implanted into the bone of the jaw over several appointments. The surgical process takes longer than getting dentures and you may have more discomfort initially. However, many dental implant patients believe the money and discomfort are completely worth it.

If you want to have your teeth removed and replaced, be sure to discuss all your options with your dentist and choose the best route for you.

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