Two Tips For Your First Tooth Extraction

There may be instances where you will need to have a tooth removed. Whether it is due to decay, injury or developmental issues, a tooth extraction can be a nerve-wracking experience for most patients. Sadly, if you have never had to undergo a tooth extraction, you may not know what to expect during this procedure, but there are a couple of tips you can follow that will help you avoid some common problems when undergoing this routine procedure. 

Plan For A Friend Or Family Member To Drive You Home After The Procedure

A tooth extraction can be a painful procedure to undergo, and while there are pain killing medications that can reduce the pain and discomfort patients feel, these medicines can make a person unable to safely drive. Sadly, many people may not be aware of the strength of dental pain killers, and this can cause them to underestimate the effect these drugs will have on them. 

To avoid waiting at the dental office for hours to allow the medication to wear off, you should always schedule for someone to come pick you up from the clinic. If a friend or family member is unable to do this for you, schedule a cab to pick you up when the procedure is done. This may add a little cost, but it can be more than worth it if you do not like waiting around dental offices. 

Avoid Developing Dry Sockets

When the tooth has been removed, a scab will form where it was located. It is possible for suction from the mouth to cause this scab to lose its hold on the gums. As a result, a small pocket can form between the scab and the gums. While this may not seem like a major problem, it can cause extreme pain for the patient, and it can significantly extend the recovery time for the patient. 

Luckily, these problems can be relatively simple to avoid. Ideally, you should not use straws, smoke cigarettes or do any other activity that requires suction from the mouth. This may seem inconvenient, but it can save you a lot of pain, and you will typically only need to avoid these activities for a few days to a week. 

Having a tooth removed at a clinic like Quality Dental Care does not have to be scary or stressful experience. While there may be no avoiding this procedure, these two tips can help ensure you avoid some routine problems when you go to your dentist to have a damaged tooth removed.