How And Why A Root Canal Saves A Tooth

When you have a tooth that has infected roots to it, you will not only likely have a toothache, but you also likely stand to lose the tooth if you do not act quickly. It is important to know that when an infection forms in the roots, the only way to save the tooth and fix the problem is by getting a root canal. Here are details about how and why a root canal solves this problem.

Caring for Your New Dental Implants at Home

Advances in cosmetic dentistry have brought many people a new reason to smile. Dental implants give those with missing teeth the chance to not just fill in the gap but to prevent bone loss and other issues that can arise when you have space where a tooth should be. Caring properly for your dental implants is important to ensure their continuing stability and attractiveness. If you care for your mouth your implants (and your other teeth) will continue to serve you well.

Why You May Need Surgical Tooth Extraction

In a simple tooth extraction procedure, the dentist just grasps the tooth with forceps and pulls it out (after administering local anesthesia). However, there are cases where the simple extraction cannot work, and a surgical extraction is necessary. Below are some of the cases that call for surgical extraction. The Tooth Is Broken or Fragile If your tooth is broken, then a simple extraction procedure can leave some of the broken pieces under the gum or within your jawbone.

Three Things To Never Do With A Knocked-Out Tooth

When a tooth gets knocked out, all hope isn't lost. Teeth that come out in one piece can often be replaced by a dentist without needing an artificial replacement. Instead, the tooth can simply be put back where it was, with the gums surgically closed around it. The body will go back to utilizing the tooth without any issues, and the tooth will get the blood supply that it needs to survive.

3 Things A Cosmetic Dentist Can Do To Transform Your Smile

When it comes to having a healthy smile, you need to make sure that you brush and floss twice a day and that you visit your dentist at least twice a year. However, when it comes to transforming your smile into something that isn't just healthy but something that's beautiful as well, there are a few different things that you can do. But what? With the help of a cosmetic dentist, you can transform the size, shape, and color of your teeth so that they look better.