3 Signs That You Are Suffering From Periodontal Disease

Are you confused as to why your gums bleed each time that you eat a meal? The unexplained bleeding may be the result of you having a bacterial infection, which is a sign of periodontal disease. You must get treated during the early stage of periodontal disease (gingivitis) to prevent it from turning into periodontitis, which is the severe stage. In this article, learn about the different symptoms that can be experienced with periodontal disease so you will have an idea of whether you have it or not.

Bad Breath That Doesn't Go Away

Bad breath can occur from many different things, such as eating certain kinds of foods. However, brushing your teeth should be able to get rid of the odor, especially if you use mouthwash as well. If you brush your teeth in an attempt to get rid of bad breath but the odor still lingers, it is likely due to you having periodontal disease. Hardened plaque (tartar) may be stuck to your teeth on the area of enamel that is under your gums. When tartar has been present for a long time, it is possible that gingivitis has progressed to periodontitis.

Teeth Look Longer Than Usual

If you have noticed that your teeth seemed to have grown further out of your gums, it is likely due to gum recession, not due to enamel growth. Periodontal disease can cause the gums to recede and expose more of the enamel. Prompt dental care is necessary because it will be easier for bacteria to access and damage the roots of your teeth if your gums continue to recede. Receding gums is a sign of periodontitis, and a dentist may have to perform root planing to get rid of tartar. Root planing is a procedure in which a dentist uses a tool to scrape tartar off of the roots of your teeth so periodontal disease can successfully heal.

Difficulty Chewing from Loose Teeth

When biting down on hard food products becomes difficult because you are afraid that your loose teeth will fall out, it is not a good sign. You have likely had periodontitis for a while and it has caused your jawbones to get weak. You need to get an examination and x-ray done as soon as possible and get treated. A dentist might have to extract your loose teeth before they fall out. Make an appointment for a periodontal disease examination so you can get your oral health back right.

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