Consider These Benefits Of A Same-Day Dental Crown

If you have ever needed a dental crown before, you may be well aware that the whole process can take several trips to your dentist to have it done. There is typically a temporary dental crown placed on the tooth before the permanent dental crown is ready. You may not be aware that there's a dental procedure that lets patients get the permanent dental crown installed in a single day. These crowns are referred to as CEREC dental crowns, and use a special machine to create the crown while you are still in the dental chair. Here are a couple reasons why a CEREC dental crown is a great choice.

CEREC Dental Crowns Are Created With Ceramic

When you get a CEREC dental crown, know that it is made from ceramic materials instead of metal. While a metal dental crown is completely safe and functional, they are usually seen as being unattractive when compared to its ceramic counterparts.

This is because ceramic material will closely match the color of your teeth's enamel, which makes CEREC dental crowns ideal for front teeth that are easily visible to others . The machine that makes the crown actually uses the color of the surrounding teeth for reference so that it matches perfectly.

CEREC Dental Crowns Are Made Quickly

Making dental appointments is time consuming, often requiring you to schedule time off from work or another obligation you may have. By returning to your dentist's office multiple times for a single procedure, you will be wasting a lot of time that could be avoided with a CEREC dental crown. You could be losing out on wages while you are sitting in the dental chair, or have to pay for a babysitter to watch your kids during your dental appointment.

Since CEREC dental crowns are made quickly, it eliminates the inconveniences of needing so many appointments for a traditional crown.

CEREC Dental Crowns Will Be The Exact Size Needed

The machinery used to create the CEREC dental crown will take a scan of the tooth to determine the exact size of the crown it is creating. This will help preserve your tooth when placing the crown on the tooth, since it will have a very precise fit once the crown is created.

The preciseness of the machinery also means that an onlay or inlay can be created for a partial crown. This may not have been possible using traditional methods, which would require a full crown instead.

For more information on CEREC dental crowns, speak to a dentist, like one from Sunnyside Dentistry for Children-David E Doyle, DDS.