Are Veneers The Solution To Your Dental Problems?

You have so many options these days when it comes to fixing cosmetic issues with your teeth. However, one technique that may not be on your radar are dental veneers. They are an extremely versatile way to fix a variety of different problems, which include the following issues.


Do you have gaps between your teeth, but never had braces as a kid? Now that you're older, the idea of putting metal brackets on your teeth only sounds less appealing to you for fixing the problem. This is one situation where veneers can be a great choice. They fit over the front surface of your teeth, and slightly adjust the appearance of the size of your teeth so that those gaps are filled. Instead of wearing braces for months to get the results you want, they can happen instantly.


Is the top surface of your teeth bugging you because they are not even? You may have visions of what it would be like to have even teeth, rather than teeth that meet up in a jagged pattern that is unappealing to you. Veneers can fix your teeth my making them appear as if they are all level to others, giving the appearance of teeth that look pretty perfect.

Odd Shapes

Are your teeth all even and without gaps, but you have some teeth that look smaller or larger compared to the others? If so, these teeth can be covered with dental veneers to give them the appearance that they look similar in size to the surrounding teeth. Without veneers, there is no other way to fix this problem.


Do you have teeth that are a ugly shade of yellow, or a specific tooth that is dark and discolored? If whitening is not getting the job done, you are not completely out of luck. Veneers are used to cover up the discoloration, giving your teeth the appearance of finally being white.


Teeth with cracks or chips in them can be very unappealing, but you don't have to live with this damage being visible to others. Any tooth that has purely cosmetic damage can be fixed with a thin veneer shell covering the problem. Your dentist will determine if anything needs to be done to treat the tooth prior to putting a veneer over the surface.

For more information about dental veneers, speak to a cosmetic dentist such as Gregory S Rutherford, DDS.