Three Things To Never Do With A Knocked-Out Tooth

When a tooth gets knocked out, all hope isn't lost. Teeth that come out in one piece can often be replaced by a dentist without needing an artificial replacement. Instead, the tooth can simply be put back where it was, with the gums surgically closed around it. The body will go back to utilizing the tooth without any issues, and the tooth will get the blood supply that it needs to survive. However, how you go about treating that knocked-out tooth will play a big role in whether or not your dentist can do this for you. Here's what you should never do after a tooth gets knocked out.

Use Water

Water is a huge no-no for knocked out teeth. Water might seem pure and safe, but the pH level is too different than the root of the tooth itself. The root will die if water touches it, so never submerge the tooth, even if you want to keep it damp. Don't put a wet cloth on it, and don't even rinse off the tooth to remove debris. If you absolutely have to rinse the tooth with something, use milk, as the pH level is closer to a tooth's root than water is.

Wrap Up In Tissue

Teeth can't be restored if they dry out, which is why many people make the common mistake of putting a tooth in water in hopes of restoring it.

You should never wrap up a tooth in tissue, or anything else absorbent, like paper towels. Doing so can zap the root of the tooth of whatever moisture it still has, killing it. Instead of using tissue, put the tooth into a small bag or something similar to keep it contained without damaging it.


Last but not least, never wait to utilize emergency dental care services to restore a tooth. Most teeth can only survive for a few hours outside of the mouth. That's why it's so important that you get help right away.

If your usual dentist isn't available either because they're closed or they don't have any appointments left, then it's time to see an emergency dentist.

Emergency dentists are specialists who focus on urgent care for teeth and gums. They can handle things like knocked-out teeth with ease, and they can get that tooth transplanted back into your gums before it dies and becomes useless. Most also have drop-in availability, but feel free to call ahead if you want to be sure.

Knocked-out teeth can be restored, but only if you act fast and don't do these three things. Talk to a dentist and get help right away if this ever happens to you or someone you care about.