Methods To An Aesthetically Pleasing Smile

If you look around, you will notice that basically everyone in the United States has a seemingly perfect smile. In today's world, the quality of your teeth says a lot about your personal hygiene, your family's financial situation, and even your future prospects. A perfect smile is basically the norm. If you have inherited troublesome teeth from your parents, you may feel that your dream smile is always just out of reach. This can be especially challenging for adults who were unable to get braces in their youth. Is it too late for good teeth? The answer is obviously an unequivocal "NO." 

There are many ways that dentists can and orthodontists can straighten teeth. Some methods are much faster than others. Here are a few options that you may want to look into.

Dental Crowns

While some people mistakenly believe that dental crowns are only used when covering a damaged tooth in a root canal, they can actually be used to cover teeth aesthetically. A dental crown fits over another tooth, which is why some people call them caps. They can be made of porcelain, metal, or other materials. They are extremely hard and durable, and the color you choose for your crown will not fade. 


Unlike dental crowns, veneers do not fit around your whole tooth. Instead, they are placed over the front of your teeth, changing their outward appearance. Veneers are probably the quickest way to get straight teeth, though they can be pricey. Many celebrities and politicians have veneers. The process is relatively simple. The front of your teeth are ground down a small amount, and then a veneer is placed over the top. Veneers are permanent and do not fade in color. 

Clear Aligners

Wearing clear aligners is one of the longer methods for straightening teeth, but it is also one of the most discreet methods. This method uses clear retainers worn almost constantly to straighten teeth. Most people do not notice when someone is using these aligners, which is the major appeal of the method. In addition, if the patient uses them as directed, they may be able to straighten their teeth in under a year, depending on their circumstances. 


Braces have been the most common methods of straightening teeth since they became popular in the 1970s. Brackets are attached to each tooth and then to one another with metal wires. Orthodontists can then manipulate these wires to straighten teeth over several years. 

To learn about dental crowns, veneers and other cosmetic dental treatments, contact a dentist in your area.