Looking For Replacement Tooth Roots? Top 4 To Consider Installing Zygomatic Implants

If you've been thinking about getting tooth implants to replace your missing teeth, the chances are you have come across the term zygomatic implants. Placement of these implants is quite a new form of restorative dental procedure, and few dental candidates know anything about it or how they're dissimilar from conventional replacement tooth roots. Here are some benefits you can expect from this alternative dental restoration procedure. 

You Do Not Need Sufficient Bone Mass

One of the main reasons people fail to qualify for implants is simply because of their jawbone condition. If the dentist discovers that the bone is weak and cannot support an implant, they might advise you against the procedure. The professionals are careful about the condition of the bone because it is the leading cause of dental implant failure. The zygomatic implants are different because the dentist attaches them to the side of the mouth or the cheekbone. Typically, this bone is denser than the upper jawbone, making it ideal for candidates with low bone mass. 

You Will Not Need a Supplemental Procedure

You will also not need a supplemental procedure when working with zygomatic implants. Patients that get a replacement tooth root in their upper jaw undergo supplementary procedures and treatments to prevent implant failure. For example, the dentist might recommend a sinus lift to accommodate the implant with a weak upper jawbone. The process is invasive, and you must wait for the sinuses to stabilize prior to continuing with the implantation procedure. Therefore, the zygomatic implantation procedure will reduce your recovery time and minimize the procedure's invasiveness. 

High Long-term Success Rates

Getting a replacement tooth root is an invasive procedure, and they are likely to fail when the bone density is low. However, zygoma implants are different because they provide a strong foundation for the implant. You are less likely to suffer implant failure when a competent dentist installs these implants into your cheekbones. 

Faster Recovery Times

The other benefit of the procedure is that it offers faster recovery compared to your regular implants. The cheekbone does not require excessive time to heal from an implantation procedure because it already has a thick bone mass. Therefore, the process gives you natural, strong teeth replacements within a short time.

You can expect these and many other benefits from zygomatic implants. This is a legitimate option to consider if your dentist has reservations about regular implants because of the state of your jawbone. It will restore the beauty and functionality of your teeth within a short time.  

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