The Top 3 Benefits That Implant-Supported Dentures Have To Offer

Dental implants are quickly becoming one of the most popular options for replacing a full set of teeth. This is because when compared to traditional dentures, the use of implant-supported dentures offers many very impressive benefits. You can learn more about three of these impressive benefits below.

Benefit #1: Dentures Stay In Place Without The Need For Adhesives

One of the biggest problems that many denture wearers encounter is the ability to keep their dentures securely in place while eating or talking. While there are adhesive products on the market to help with this issue, these products can be expensive and may not remain effective throughout the entire day. With the use of dental implants, individuals are able to ensure their dentures remain securely in place throughout the entire day regardless of what activities they may engage in. 

Benefit #2: Denture Wearers Experience Less Bone Loss

When individuals have their natural teeth pulled and replaced with dentures, it is quite common for them to experience bone loss in their jaw. This is because when a natural tooth is extracted, it leaves behind an empty socket in the jawbone. Over time this empty socket will naturally begin to close, ultimately shrinking the jawbone. Dental implants fill the empty socket and are therefore able to reduce the amount of bone loss individuals experience when using dentures. 

Benefit #3: Denture Wearers Maintain A Stronger Bite

Another common problem that denture wearers experience is a loss of bite strength. For many people, this can mean that they are no longer able to enjoy all of the foods they once did. Thankfully, implant-supported dentures help to correct this issue. This is made possible by the fact that dental implants get their strength from the jawbone just as natural teeth do. Consequently, individuals who choose dentures that are supported by dental implants will often experience a bite strength that is comparable to the bite strength of their natural teeth 

A Final Thought

While it is true that implant-supported dentures are often more beneficial than traditional dentures, not everyone will be a good candidate for this tooth replacement option. For instance, individuals who have suffered a significant amount of bone loss in their jaw may not be eligible for dental implants. Consequently, you will need to discuss this option with your dentist in order to determine whether or not you are a good candidate. 

To learn more about dental implants, talk to your dentist.